Stockton based Certified Public Accounting Firm

Local firm helping clients achieve their financial goals with a staff backed by 50 years of combined experience.

Internship description: Explore the world of business through this hands-on office position. You’ll be exposed to and instructed in the skills that are vital to running a high-level corporate organization! You will learn to master administrative tasks, including mail categorization, systemized filing, document scanning, fax transmission, spreadsheet creation and proper phone protocol. All of these skills will easily transfer to any business setting. Don’t miss this ground level opportunity to enhance your professional proficiency!

Internship available!  Located in Stockton

Starting Pay: $12.50 per hour

Hours: 8-hour workday

Work Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

 Employer “MUSTS” 

  1. Intern must pass a pre-employment background check
  2. Intern must be able to move and lift standard bankers boxes
  3. Intern must be able to alphabetize files

Employer “Preferreds”

  1. Intern is preferred to have customer service skills
  2. Intern with high school business or bookkeeping classes are a plus
  3. Intern with computer skills- basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel

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