Stockton based Accountancy Corporation

North Stockton based Accountancy Firm

Internship description  
Do you have what it takes to be a team member of one of the most progressive accounting firms in our area?   This fast-paced company is looking for someone who can help with keeping this office organized and running smooth while at the same time exposed to the accounting world.  Various duties include errands, assisting partners, grocery shopping, picking up lunches/dinners (as needed), kitchen, mail, scanning, clerical (typing and 10-key), stocking, ordering supplies, and shredding.  If you enjoy work that keeps you on the move, then this is JobRedi for you!

Internship available:  located in Stockton

Starting Pay:  $12.50 per hour

Hours:  8-hour workday

Work Days:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Employer “MUSTS”

  1. Intern must own car, have a valid driver’s license, and good driving skills
  2. Intern must have a clean background
  3. Intern must have a strong work ethic
  4. Intern must be prompt
  5. Intern must see work to the end
  6. Intern must have a helpful spirit


Employer “Preferreds”

  1. Intern is preferred to have basic computer skills (i.e. Microsoft Word and Excel)
  2. Intern is preferred to have cell phone programming knowledge
  3. Intern must have some math skills


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