Premier Country Club in the Central Valley

Premier Country Club in the Central Valley

With stunning scenery and competitive courses, this country club has maintained its reputation as being one of the most premier golf destinations in the Central Valley since 1946.


Internship Description

Do you dream of starting a career in the food industry? How about starting your culinary career on a 325-acre property with top-notch golf, a stunning clubhouse, and picturesque views at every turn? If you said “Yes” to all of the above, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! You will gain hands-on experience as you learn the inner workings of how a kitchen is run by washing and properly storing all cooking utensils, flatware, glassware and supplies while working directly under the supervision of the Executive Chef.


Internship Available: Located in Modesto

Starting pay: $12.50 per hour

Hours: 8 hours per day

Work Days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Job Duties

  • Washes all wares in dishwashing machine or by hand according to the highest sanitation standards. 
  • Polishes all silverware, platters and chafing dishes. Handles all china and glassware carefully to minimize breakage. 
  • Collects trash from kitchen areas; empties garbage cans and washes and re-lines with new bags; breaks down boxes, crates and removes debris; Washes and cleans receiving, trash and other kitchen-related areas 
  • Examines garbage for misplaced silverware, dishes, glassware and other reusable items. 
  • Washes and polishes all stainless steel in the kitchen including shelves, dish cabinets, ice machines, coffee area, refrigerators, walk-ins, etc. 
  • Stores all dishes and other wares in proper areas. 
  • Cleans dish machine and dish area after each meal period. 
  • Assists in food preparation, storing foods after delivery and cleaning coolers, freezers and storerooms. 
  • Maintains inventories of soap, chemicals and paper towels. 
  • Transfers supplies and equipment between storage and work areas. 
  • Continuously inspects sweeps and mops floors in kitchen areas to assure they remain clean, dry and clear of debris. 
  • Assists in completing weekly kitchen cleaning and maintenance list. 
  • Cleans and safely stores all brooms, mops and other cleaning equipment in proper places. 
  • Uses all chemical cleaning supplies in a safe and careful manner. 
  • Helps food servers by prioritizing the washing of specified service items. 
  • Understands and consistently follows proper sanitation practices including those for personal hygiene. 


Employer “MUSTS”

  • Must be able to maintain a good working relationship and communicate effectively with all departments, co-workers and club staff. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
  • Must have a California Food Handlers Card 
  • Must work on evenings and weekends 
  • Must have Slip Resistant Shoes 
  • Must oblige with company’s Zero Tolerance Drug Policy 
  • Must attend staff meetings. 
  • Must perform other appropriate tasks assigned by the Executive Chef 



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