Lodi Hospital Associate Position

Lodi Hospital Associate Position 

Local hospital serving more than 80 communities on the West Coast and Hawaii. The team of 35,000 includes associates, medical staff physicians, allied health professionals and volunteers. 

Internship description: Organization 101!  Are you a neatnick?  Do you enjoy keeping your workspace tidy so you can find what you need and be efficient?  Take on this tailor made opportunity to absorb and understand how large corporations systematize their supplies.  You’ll be working gaining practical knowledge in how to manage supplies to help keep a medical institution running efficiently.  Gain hands-on experience systematizing, arranging, classifying materials, supplies, equipment and dietary supplies.  Adding valuable skills to your toolbox gets you JobRedi!


Internship available!  Located in Lodi 

Starting Pay: $12.50 per hour 

 Hours: 8-hour workday 

 Work Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday   


 Employer “MUSTS” 

  1. Intern must be a high school graduate.


Employer “Preferreds”

  1. Intern is preferred to have customer service skills


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