Lodi based Rubber Company in business since 1935

Lodi based Rubber Company in business since 1935

As a leader in rubber manufacturing, timely collaboration with customers is important- so they have created an APP for their customers use.

Internship description:

Mechanically minded? Learn valuable skills in manufacturing! If your comfort zone is working with machinery and understanding how one step leads to another…this position is perfect for you! Get technical training in one of three career opportunities; you decide the best fit for you! Each opportunity has its own technical aspect and talents needed. As a press operator you will learn the processes used to produce molded components. Spray booth painters will receive instruction on the apparatus used to ensure proper air temperature. Expansion Joint operators will gain hands-on skills in using tools such as air buffers and electric grinders. Gain concrete skills in fabricating, be JobRedi!!

Internship available! Located in Lodi

Starting Pay: $12.50 per hour
Hours: 8-hour workday
Work Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Employer “MUSTS”

  1. Intern must be able to meet deadlines.
  2. Intern must follow all safety procedures, good work habits, e.


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