Local Hospital in Stockton

Local Hospital in Stockton

Internship description: Marketable skills are a MUST for career opportunities.  “Know-how” is equivalent to a degree…when it gets you in the door!  Use this internship to fill your “tool box” with practical skills in one of our fastest growing markets…HEALTHCARE!  Learn the ins and outs of what happens behind the scenes in a hospital setting.  Gain experience in-patient and medical personnel interaction. As a student intern you will support the achievement of the hospital’s goals by working on projects across different departments based on the intern’s experience and interests. Master valuable administrative tasks, patient and hospital personnel interaction and phone protocol.  Transition from “I think I can” to “I know I can”!  

Internship available!  Located in Stockton 

Starting Pay: $12.50 per hour 

Hours: 8-hour workday 

Work Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday   

Employer “MUSTS 

            1. Intern must be a high school graduate.

            2.  Intern must comply with pre-screening process:                                

  • Social Security Number Trace and Validation
  • Right to work documentation (I-9) – Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Criminal History Check (past 7 years for City, County & State residence)
  • Sex Offenders Search
  • OIG/GSA Search
  • A Ten (10) Panel Drug Screen
  • Employee Health requirement (Physical, vaccinations, as needed)


Once the above is completed and candidates have been cleared, they will attend new hire orientation.


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