Foreign & Domestic Auto Body Shop with 25 years of experience in foreign & domestic autos

Foreign & Domestic Auto Body Shop With 25 Years of Experience in Foreign & Domestic Autos

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of this business!

Internship description: Calling all car enthusiasts!!  Do you love messing with motors?  Are more familiar with mufflers and brakes than spreadsheets and fax machines? Get your “elbow grease” on!  Use your natural mechanical inclination to gain hands-on experience in the auto industry.  As an intern you will be professionally trained in fundamental shop duties and then will progress to practical automotive technician skills.  Be “geared” up for success and JobRedi!!


Internship available!  Located in Stockton 

Starting Pay: $12.50 per hour 

 Hours: 8-hour workday 

Work Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday   


 Employer “MUSTS” 

  1. Intern must like being around cars
  2. Intern must be punctual and honest. 


Employer “Preferreds”

  1. Good customer service skills


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