Excellence in Trucking Since 1934

Excellence in Trucking Since 1934

Servicing farmers, packers, and processors by hauling agricultural goods and providing quality trucking services for over 80 years.


Internship Description

Love big rigs? Interested in the automotive services field? Then you’ll go over the top for this incredible opportunity! As an intern, you will gain hands-on experience by working with one of the largest agriculture carriers and trucking institutions in California. Job duties include: working in shop as a mechanics helper, washing trucks, maintaining supplies (tires, batteries, parts), parts running, cleaning up the shop, and any other duties as assigned by management.


Internship available! Located in Stockton

Starting pay: $12.50 per hour

Hours: 8-hour workday

Work Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


Employer “MUSTS”

  • Intern must like being around trucks
  • Intern must be punctual and honest
  • Intern must take direction well


  • Intern is preferred to have good customer service skills


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