Delivering High Quality Washing Services

Located at the country’s finest travel plazas, this company currently operates over 110 locations and has been recognized as the most trusted truck washing service in the nation for over 45 years.


Internship description:
Do you like to maintain a tidy and spotless environment? If you love to clean and want to work in a fun, professional atmosphere with nationwide advancement opportunities, then this is the internship for you! This truck washing company first opened in 1973 and quickly found success, expanding to multiple locations across the country. Gain hands-on experience as you learn the tricks of the trade, from learning how to properly use a pressure washer, to gaining knowledge on how to perform high-quality washout services. With this internship, you have the potential to earn your starting base wage, plus daily bonus incentives paid weekly! Job duties include washing trucks and trailers, along with clean-up, and general maintenance.

Internship available! Located in Lodi

Starting Pay: $13.75 per hour

Hours: 8-hour workday

Work Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Employer “MUSTS” 

  1. Must complete and submit paper application
  2. Must be ready for a fast-paced work environment
  3. Must pass drug test

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    Sign Up Today to Learn More