Automotive Group with 20 Auto Dealerships

One of the top dealerships nationwide awarded a 2017 Consumer Satisfaction Award. (Dealers can only win this award by delivering excellent customer service as rated by consumer reviews.)


Internship description: Are you ready to be part of this top team?! Interns will be cross-trained in different areas of dealership operations. Various projects will provide valuable hands-on experience and the chance to learn new skills from experienced professionals. Work “on the line” with others as you complete multipoint inspections including basic automobile services with engine oil, tire rotation and pressure, vehicle fluid levels, filter changes, etc. in accordance with dealership and factory standards. After basic “on the line” work, interns will be trained to develop auto mechanic skills. Through our teamwork effort, you will establish a network of mentors and contacts. With a wide array of internships, jobs, technical training and more, there are countless opportunities to grow your career with our organization.

Internship available! Located in Stockton

Starting Pay: $13.00 per hour

Hours: 8-hour workday

Work Days: Monday, Friday and Saturday

Employer “MUSTS” 

  1. Intern must have a valid California driver’s license for 12 months
  2. Intern must pass a pre-employment background and drug test
  3. Intern must have a good driving record

Employer “Preferreds”  

  1. Intern preferred to have good Customer service skills

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