What is the JobRedi Foundation and what does it do?

JobRedi Foundation (JRF) wants to help YOU build a better future!

The JobRedi Foundation was started by the Cortopassi Family Foundation in 2014 via a partnership with the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. JRF’s goal is to help students who have overcome tough times and want to earn a living wage and get a good job with the opportunity for growth! The JobRedi Foundation offers a one-year, intensive training program that provides a combination of hands-on life skills workshops, career-oriented education at Humphrey’s University, and an internship at top ranking companies in San Joaquin County. The JobRedi Foundation aligns training with corporate partners’ needs to ensure that the skills learned will be in high demand by industry leaders.

Interns will “Learn While You Earn” through a JobRedi internship with Corporate Partners, career-oriented education with Humphrey’s University and JobRedi Foundation Life Skills Workshops. Internships are awarded to students who fit the eligibility requirements, with emphasis on those with demonstrated perseverance, overcoming adversity and personal responsibility. Recipients earn grant funds based on their personal commitment to the JobRedi Program by: attending internship and classes, participating in JobRedi workshops, maintaining passing grades, and meeting with JobRedi staff. The JobRedi Grants renew each semester for students remaining in good standing and progressing toward completion of internship.